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Working to improve wildlife conservation and human-wildlife relationships in agriculture and forestry.

Since its incorporation in 1993, Alpha Wildlife Research & Management Ltd. has worked with private and public organizations on various projects to improve wildlife conservation and human-wildlife relationships in agriculture and forestry. During the last two decades, Alpha Wildlife assessed new research techniques, discovered new species, developed conservation programs for several at-risk species, and found solutions to human-wildlife conflicts.

Alpha Wildlife also has two other divisions:

  • A publishing division (Alpha Wildlife Publications) produces textbooks, field guides, and a new scientific journal on Canadian wildlife.
  • A video summit division (Alpha Wildlife Summitsallows wildlife professionals to participate in international video symposia on wildlife biology and management.

In addition, Alpha Wildlife is a leading consulting company in wildlife research and management.

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Special Interests

“In a world where economics is the major factor driving land use and management practices, wildlife biologists must link the benefits and costs of wildlife conservation with those of human societies and activities. In other words, win-win solutions are needed between people and conservation.” – G. Proulx (2015)


Alpha Wildlife is designed to work with agriculture, forestry, and energy industries. Previous projects have involved the development of multi-species conservation projects in forestry plans, the management of ecosystems to foster caribou conservation within oil & gas exploitation landscapes, management strategies to control Northern Pocket Gophers and Richardson’s Ground Squirrels and the protection of predators to control rodents.


Alpha Wildlife has been involved in the study of wildlife species throughout Canada, but also worldwide. Dr. Proulx specializes in the ecology and management of mammals. His work involves the study of wildlife distribution, habitats and populations, genetics, behaviour, food habits and diseases.

Mammal Trapping

Dr. Gilbert Proulx is internationally renowned for his work on mammal trapping, and his expertise in wildlife management.

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“There are no substitutes for real datasets on populations and their habitats, predator-prey relationships, physiological constraints, genetics, taxonomy, biogeography, and other subjects related to wildlife biology and management.”
- Gilbert Proulx (2015)

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