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Alpha Wildlife Publications include scientific journals, textbooks and field guides, and brochures.

ALPHA WILDLIFE PUBLICATIONS is a Division of Alpha Wildlife Research & Management.

CANADIAN WILDLIFE BIOLOGY & MANAGEMENT ( is published biannually by ALPHA WILDLIFE PUBLICATIONS. It is open access, online journal that is universally and freely accessible via the Internet in an easily readable and printable PDF format.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Gilbert Proulx ()
Assistant Editor: Pauline Feldstein ()

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Alpha Wildlife Publications publishes manuscripts on wildlife biology and management.

Mammal Trapping

Compilations of the 2021 Video Summit Presentations.

2 Versions Available:
Free E-Book OR Soft-Cover Bound Book


Intolerable Cruelty

The Truth Behind Killing Neck Snares and Strychnine


Mammal Trapping

241 pages

(ISBN 0-9686235-0-6)


Systematics, Biology, Conservation, And Research Techniques

Field Guides

Alpha Wildlife Publications publishes field guides for species at risk in specific regions to promote conservation among industries and government agencies. Field guides are printed on waterproof paper that allows field researchers to work under all conditions. Three-ring binders allow them to insert specific information within the book.

Identification and Management of Species and Plant Communities At Risk


Alpha Wildlife Publications publishes brochures that can be distributed to the general public or trades to understand specific issues better and learn about solutions.

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