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Alpha Wildlife Summits is a Division of Alpha Wildlife Research & Management.

ALPHA WILDLIFE SUMMITS hosts worldwide video presentations. Summits are coordinated and organized across time zones and involve scientific presentations by leading scientists.

All summit presentations have peer-reviewed manuscripts collated into books and published by Alpha Wildlife Publications.

ALPHA WILDLIFE SUMMITS has the capability to reach focused research groups at the international level and bring together researchers and managers with common interests.

Summit Ideas Wanted!

Alpha Wildlife Summits encourages the scientific community to share ideas for future summits. Please fill out the contact form below with your ideas on topics that you feel would benefit the wildlife research community.

Upcoming Events

Alpha Wildlife Summits

Wildlife Conservation & Management in the 21st Century
Issues, Solutions and New Concepts
International Video Summit


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Past Events

Alpha Wildlife Summits

Wildlife Management, Animal Welfare
& International Standards
Video Summit

Sponsored by:
Canadian Association for Humane Trapping
WildAid Canada Society
Alpha Wildlife Research & Management

NOV. 26 – 29, 2021 (PAST)

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