Orphan Projects

Although Alpha Wildlife is a for-profit organization, it is involved in pro bono professional work on a yearly basis.

Dr. Proulx has conducted a diversity of projects ranging from the study of fisher distribution in the aspen parklands of Alberta, to the review of public concerns regarding industrial developments, to the assessment of the status of wildlife species at national and international levels, and to the dissemination of scientific information to schools, industry, and professional associations.

Alpha Wildlife has identified a series of species research programs that need to be conducted to ensure the well-being and survival of these species. The following projects are examples of pro bono work.  We hope that people and corporations interested in these projects will consider donating research funds towards their implementation and completion.

Because Alpha Wildlife is not a non-profit organization, it cannot give donation tax receipts. However, all contributions will be acknowledged in technical reports and scientific publications, and donators will receive annual progress reports with updates on findings, and explanations on how funds have been used.

If you wish to donate, more information can be obtained from Dr. Gilbert Proulx at gproulx@alphawildlife.ca . We will send you a copy of the research proposal, with objectives and time schedules.

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