American Badger (Taxidea Taxus)

From 2008 to 2010, Alpha Wildlife investigated American badgers in the Canadian Prairies. Proulx and MacKenzie (2012 – Integrative Zoology 7: 41-47) showed that badger densities were significantly lower in landscapes where farmers used strychnine and anticoagulants to control Richardson’s ground squirrel populations. The use and misuse of these poisons may cause the extirpation of badger populations. Also, on the basis of Proulx and MacKenzie’s (2012) findings, the American badger was identified as a “Species of Special Concern’ by COSEWIC. Despite the fact that the species is considered to be “data deficient” in Alberta, there is no apparent interest from governments and conservation associations to further study the ecology of this species in the Prairie Ecozone. From a research point of view, the American badger is an orphan species

On the basis of its expebadgerrience to detect and monitor badger population densities, Alpha Wildlife would like to survey the distribution of this species in Alberta, and identify areas where it may be at greater risk of extirpation. The study involves night surveys with spotlighting in rural regions of the lower half of the province. This is a labor-intensive project involving extensive travelling in spring and summer. External funding is required to carry out this project.

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