Our People

ALPHA WILDLIFE employs the services of specialists (biologiour peoplests, foresters, engineers, veterinarians,  bio-statisticians, GIS professionals) to carry out a diversity of projects across the country.

ourpeople2Pauline Feldstein – Head Administrator – oversees all business and legal issues.  She is also Associate Editor for the Canadian Wildlife Biology & Management journal.



popsGilbert Proulx, PhD
Director of Science

” I am interested in wildlife ecology and management, and I am specialized in mammalogy. In the past, I have studied populations and habitats of ungulates, rodents and carnivores in North America. I have also tracked mammals in Africa and South America. I am a field-oriented scientist, and my activities focus on forest and agriculture ecosystems: i) searching solutions to conflicts between humans and wildlife; ii) studying the habitat requirements of species at risk and species of economic importance; iii) developing new technology to capture and study animals; and iv) producing textbooks, field guides,& educational material for the public and wildlife professionals.”

Click here for Dr. Proulx’s full CV.

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