Dr. Gilbert Proulx – Director of Science


Dr. Gilbert Proulx – Director of Science

“I am interested in wildlife ecology and management, and I am specialized in mammalogy. In the past, I have studied populations and habitats of ungulates, rodents and carnivores in North America. I have also tracked mammals in Africa and South America. I am a field-oriented scientist, and my activities focus on forest and agriculture ecosystems: i) searching solutions to conflicts between humans and wildlife; ii) studying the habitat requirements of species at risk and species of economic importance; iii) developing new technology to capture and study animals; and iv) producing textbooks, field guides,& educational material for the public and wildlife professionals.”


Diploma Collegial Studies . 1973 . Jean-de-Brébeuf College, Montreal, Québec
B.Sc. (Biological Sciences) . 1976 . University of Montreal, Montreal, Québec
M.Sc. (Biological Sciences) . 1978 . University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), Montreal, Québec

  • Thesis (1978): Sur les caractéristiques des peuplements forestiers utilisés en hiver par l’orignal (Alces alces americana) dans le parc de La Vérendrye. 91 pages.

Ph.D. (Zoology) . 1982 . University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

  • Thesis (1981): Relationship between muskrat populations, vegetation and water level fluctuations and management considerations at Luther Marsh, Ontario. 239 pages.

Nelson-Hooper Award (best technical presentation . with Morley W. Barrett) – 1989 – Western Section of The Wildlife Society, California, USA.Certified Wildlife Biologist – 1992 – The Wildlife Society, Bethesda, Maryland.
Registered Professional Biologist – 1998 – Association of Professional Biologists of British Columbia, BC.
Prix Reconnaissance UQAM (Science) – 2003 – Outstanding wildlife career, University of Quebec at Montreal, Quebec.

  • Peer reviewed/edited articles & book chapters – 144
  • Peer reviewed textbooks – 6
  • Peer reviewed/edited field guides – 8
  • Popular Articles & Abstracts of Presentations – 106
  • Published reports and leaflets – 7
  • Technical Reports – 184

Total publications: 455

Peer-reviewed Textbooks (reverse chronological order)
  • Proulx, G., and E. Linh San. Editors. 2016. Badgers of the world: systematics, ecology, behaviour and conservation. Alpha Wildlife Publications, Alberta, Canada. 362 pages (ISBN 978-0-9958098-2-2).
  • Aubry, K., B. Zielinski, M. Raphael, G. Proulx, and S. Buskirk. Editors. 2012. Biology and conservation of martens, sables, and fishers : a new synthesis. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, USA: In press.
  • Santos-Reis, M., J.D.S. Birks, E.C. O’Doherty, and G. Proulx. Editors. 2006. Martes in carnivore communities. Alpha Wildlife Publications, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. 224 pages (ISBN 0-9686235-8-1).
  • Harrison, D. J., A. K. Fuller, and G. Proulx, Editors. 2004. Marten and fishers (Martes) in human-altered environments: An international perspective. Springer Publishers, New York, New York, USA, 279 pages. (ISBN 0-387-22580-3).
  • Proulx, G. Editor. 1999. Mammal trapping. Alpha Wildlife Publications, Sherwood Park, Alberta. 241 pages (ISBN 0-9686235-0-6).
  • Proulx, G., H. N. Bryant, and P. M. Woodard. Editors. 1997. Martes: taxonomy, ecology, techniques and management. Proceedings of the Second International Martes Symposium, Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton. 474 pages (ISBN 0-7732-5370-X hardcover and 0-7732-5362-6 paperback).
Peer- reviewed/edited articles & book chapters (reverse chronological order)

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