“Researchers should continuously improve capture procedures and equipment to work more effectively and more safely for both animals and people” – Powell and Proulx (2003)                                                                                                                                                                                                            ILAR 44: 259-276.

 Capture of Animals


  • Dr. Proulx developed most of the humane trapping technology available today, and has developed the highest scientific standards for the assessment of trapping devices used in science, fur management, and pest control.Click here to learn more.


  • Alpha Wildlife conducted many radio-telemetry studies to learn more about animal movements and habitat use.  For example, radio-telemetry has been used to better define the home ranges of fishers in the aspen parklands of Alberta, and understand the hunting behaviour of weasels in agricultural lands of Alberta and Saskatchewan.Want more information? Click here.

Non-Invasive Technology 

  • To minimize the impact of study and survey techniques on animals, Alpha Wildlife used several non-invasive methods in his projects. This topic is three-fold – read more here.

Non-Invasive Techniques

  • Click here to learn about our non-invasive techniques, including the 400,000 Candle Power Search Light and the remote cameras we used in our research.

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