Since the publication of Environment Canada’s (2012) recovery plan for the boreal woodland caribou, scientific journals received an abundance of population models predicting the loss of caribou populations in industrial landscapes. Also, predators, namely wolves, have often been blamed for this loss. However, habitat loss (and deterioration) is truly the problem that needs to be addressed. Few papers have been published on the conservation and management of habitats used by the boreal woodland caribou. Without a good understanding of caribou habitats and the development of comprehensive action plans, wildlife biologists and managers cannot work at the sustainability of caribou populations across landscapes.

Canadian Wildlife Biology & Management has decided to produce a Special Issue:

Ecology & Management of the Boreal Woodland Caribou Habitat

We are looking for papers that will address the following:

  1. Habitat requirements of the boreal woodland caribou.
  2. Management actions for the conservation and restoration of boreal woodland caribou habitats.
  3. Evaluation of habitat conservation recommendations in Environment Canada’s Recovery Plan.
  4. Habitat management programs vs. Environment Canada’s Recovery Plan.

If you are interested in writing an original research paper, a review, or a point to ponder on boreal caribou habitat ecology and conservation, please send us an email to let us know. You will need to submit your paper by February 18, 2015. All submissions will be refereed. Please submit your paper to gproulx@alphawildlife.ca. We plan to release the Special Issue in June-July 2015. The issue will be free online. Furthermore, Alpha Wildlife Publications plans to release a spiral-bound version of the Special Issue that will be distributed to oil & gas and forestry companies, governments, and conservation groups.

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