Tracking the Issues

popsTracking The Issues – Bringing the Issues to You
By: Dr. Gilbert Proulx

Tracking the Issues is an opportunity for me to bring issues and concerns related to wildlife biology and management to the forefront. After 40 years of field work, I am amazed to see how the world of wildlife biology has changed.

There was a time when we knew little about the genetics, distribution, populations, habitats and behavior of some species. However, through field studies and proper data analyses, we significantly improved upon our understanding of the biology and ecology of species, and we developed sound conservation programs to maintain biodiversity and wilderness areas.

Unfortunately, in the last decade, I have seen too many politically expedient conservation programs aimed at addressing the symptoms rather than the root of the problem. Faced with larger than ever human-wildlife conflicts and poorly designed conservation programs, wildlife biologists must now deal with a growing number of species at risk, limited resources, and political indifference and interference. Times are harsh for those who have dedicated themselves to the conservation of wildlife and their habitats.

With this blog, I hope to bring forward new findings in wildlife biology and management, and discuss issues related to wildlife conservation. I also hope to generate discussions, and hopefully, some actions. More than ever, wildlife professionals now need the support of the public and environmental organizations to develop proper conservation programs that will ensure the persistence of biodiversity and natural areas.

Stay tuned – we have a lot of wildlife subjects to discuss!

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