Wildlife Research

“Without a solid grounding in field experience, conservation biology is hollow.”R. F. Noss (1966)

The naturalists are dying off.  Conservation Biology 10, 1-3.

“There are no substitutes for real datasets on populations and their habitats, predator-prey relationships, physiological constraints, genetics, taxonomy, biogeography, and other subjects related to wildlife biology and management.”  – G. Proulx (2015)

How human-small carnivore conflicts can repeat themselves: examples from Western Canada.  In Press.

ALPHA WILDLIFE has conducted research studies across Canada and the United States, and helped in the review of case studies in Europe, South America and Africa.

 Director of Science Dr. Gilbert Proulx specializes in mammal ecology, and has worked on an array of species:

Snowshoe hareBlack-tailed prairie dogAmerican badgerGrizzly bearRaccoonCaribou
MuskratAmerican martenLeast weaselRed foxMoose
Northern pocket gopherArctic foxLong-tailed weaselWolfMule deer
Red squirrelCougarLynxWolverineWhite-tailed deer
Western harvest mouseCoyoteMink
FisherShort-tailed weasel

ALPHA WILDLIFE has also worked on many species at risk [birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates] in various ecosystems.

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