Distribution Studies

dist1Proulx, G., and R. K. Drescher. 1993. Distribution of the long-tailed weasel (Mustela frenata longicauda) in Alberta as determined by questionnaires and interviews. Canadian Field-Naturalist 107: 186-191.dist6


dist2Proulx, G., K. B. Aubry, J. Birks, S. W. Buskirk, C. Fortin, H. C. Frost, W. B. Krohn, L. Mayo, V. Monakhov, D. Payer, M. Saeki, M. Santos-Reis, R. Weir, and W. J. Zielinski. 2004. World distribution and status of the genus Martes in 2000. Pages 21-76 in D. J. Harrison, A. K. Fuller, and G. Proulx, editors, Martens and fisher (Martes) in human-altered landscapes: an international perspective. Springer, New York, New York, USA.dist7

dist3Proulx, G, A. V. Abramov, I. Adams, A. P. Jennings, I. Khorozyan, L. M. Rosalino, M. Santos-Reis, G. Veron, E. Do Linh San. In press. World distribution and status of badgers – A review.  In G. Proulx and E. Do Linh San, editors. Badgers: Systematics, ecology, behaviour and conservation. Alpha Wildlife Publications, Alberta, Canada.

dist4Proulx, G., and N. MacKenzie. 2012. Relative abundance of American badger (Taxidea  taxus) and red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in two landscapes with high and low rodenticide poisoning levels. Integrative Zoology 7: 41-47.

Proulx, G., K. MacKenzie, and N. MacKenzie. 2012.  Distribution and relative abundance of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels, Urocitellus richardsonii, according to soil zones and vegetation height in Saskatchewan during a drought period. Canadian Field-Naturalist 126: 103-110.

dist5Proulx, G., and B. P. Proulx.  2012. An addition to the mammalian fauna of Saskatchewan: the Western Harvest MouseReithrodontomys megalotis: Canadian Field-Naturalist 126: 95-102.



Photo: US Forest Service


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