Reproduction & Mortality Studies

mort1Proulx, G.  2002. Reproductive characteristics of northern pocket gophers, Thomomys talpoides, in Alberta alfalfa fields. Canadian Field-Naturalist 116: 319-321.

Proulx, G.  2005. Body weights of adult and juvenile northern pocket gophers, Thomomys talpoides, in central Alberta alfalfa fields. Canadian Field-Naturalist 119: 551-555.

mort3Proulx, G. 2012. High spring mortality of adult mort2Richardson’s ground squirrels, Urocitellus richardsonii, associated with a severe rainstorm in southwest Saskatchewan.  Canadian Field-Naturalist 126: 148-151.

Proulx, G.  2011.  Field evidence of non-target and secondary pmort4oisoning by strychnine and chlorophacinone used to control Richardson’s ground squirrels in southwest Saskatchewan. Pages 128-134 in D. Danyluk, editor. Patterns of Change. Proceedings of the 9th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference, February 2010. Critical Wildlife Habitat Program, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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